How My Panama Escorts works:

We pride ourselves on providing the companion which best matches your desires. Once we receive your e-mail, message or call, We will arrange for the escort to arrive discreetly at the desired time and location.

Once your escort arrives, it is customary to settle the fee up front. This shows your consideration and sincerity and will allow you to enjoy your time together worry-free.

Don’t worry if your escort calls us when she arrives. This is just to let us know that she has arrived safely and that you are pleased with your choice.

My Panama Escorts prides itself on the respect and class of our companions. Therefore, your escort won’t dash off when you have time left. If you are enjoying yourself and wish her to stay, let her know. She will call us briefly to check in so that we don’t worry. This is customary, and is done to guarantee her safety at all times.

Hopefully after your encounter you will find a few minutes to call or email us and let us know that you appreciated her company – your feedback is the most effective way we can improve our service.

Upon your request, and in a way which is convenient to you (email, telephone, etc.), we can keep you informed when new escorts join us or update you on any other developments at My Panama Escorts that you might be interested in. Of course, we’ll respect your privacy in all our communications.